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Yatta Debates

By: Yahmnselah

Trenton, NJ, USA

Welcome World to another episode of Yatta Debates

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  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 38 |Get Involved! W/ Crystal Feliciano|

    Today in Yatta Debates, we had our 1st Zoom Debate in the middle of the rising cases in the United States. For our 1st Z ... Moreoom Debate, we got in touch with Crystal Feliciano who is heavily involved with our local community from Trenton Fashion Week to working in local politics and even more recently organizing the M.O.V.E project. Check out this episode to understand how you can get more in tune with your local community. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 37(Pt. 4) |Is Yatta a Black Elitist!?|

    Hold on Yatta, what the hell did you just say? Check in as we discuss the matters of this topic. This is definitely an i ... Morenteresting topic! Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 37(Pt. 3) |Black Reparations Part. 2|

    Continuing off the previous topic we delve further into the debate of Black Reparations. Tune in for more insight.

  • Yatta Debates: Ep 37.(Pt 2) |Black Reparations|

    Continuing our conversation, we move forward to debate the matters of reparations for Black Americans due to the cruel h ... Moreistory in which this country was built. How do you guys feel it is best to deal with this matter. Listen to some of our insight and comment below with your ideas. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep 37. |Did Tekashie 69 ruin the Culture?|

    ANNOUNCEMENT! This is a 4 part episode where we bring previous guests Midori and Eman back on the show to discuss a vari ... Moreety of topics. On this segment we debate "Trap Rapper" turned snitched Tekashi 69 and see if his antics, recent infamy, and success story has dealt a critical blow to the integrity of the rap culture. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 036 |Lost Episode|

    Old episode that I had to edit the audio on, but we had a pop up with Eman and Marboomin to talk about some topics. Make ... More sure you check this one out and follow us on social media! Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 35 |Overcoming Fear w/ The Sassos|

    Today on Yatta Debates, I sit with the owners of New Pod City, Frank & Christina Sasso, they letf us with some powerful ... Moreemssages about conquering fear especially when starting a business. It's not always simple and they details the trials they went through. We also discussed the importance of picking the right life partner. I urge you guys to check this one out. it was amazing! Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 034 |Author Elijah Foreman|

    Today on Yatta Debates Author Elijah Foreman joins us to discuss his creative process behind his collection of 25 books. ... MoreWe discuss the differences between writing books and writing songs. We also touch on matters involving our local area and the changes that need to be addressed. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 033 |Empower the Youth w/Janan|

    We sat down with Janan Robinson to talk about her organization "I Am Her" which focuses on empowering disgruntled youth ... Morewho are plagued with many societal issues. Janan has been using her platform to solve these issues and give outlets for people to express themselves, as well as connect growing businesses and creators to network and build together. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 032 |The Fashion Industry w/Raymond Brown|

    Today we sit down with Trenton Native, menswear fashion designer, and one of my good friends Raymond Brown to talk about ... More his journey into the fashion industry. This was an amazing discussion we had covering everything from how the fashion industry has changed due to social media, African inspired designs, the transition of models. Ray even gave us some insigh on person appearance. This is an episode you're not going to want to miss. If you're interested in purchasing any of Ray's clothes, listed below is his store as well as his social media link! Until next time. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 031 |Unsung Black Heroes w/Marboomin|

    Well known fact that every Black History Month it seems as though we highlight our same heroes from times of American Sl ... Moreavery & The Civil Rights Eras. Today on Yatta Debates we would like to bring light to some of our more modern heroes and pay remind the community to recognize and appreicate the history being made everyday by our black brothers and sisters. Today on Yatta Debates KEEP PUSHING FORWARD Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 030 |Credit and Taxes w/Joann|

    Yatta Debates is coming to you from our new location, New Pod City with our 1st official guest Joann. She's come on air ... Moreto discuss the importance of credit and taxes especially within our urban communities. Sit down with us as she tells the story of her journey into financial literacy. She is one of the founders of Credit Brilliance, a company dedicated to helping first time home buyers restore their credit as well as, venturing into tax preparation to make sure we aren't leaving money on the table. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep 029 |Honoring Legacy - RIP Kobe & Gianna Bryant|

    In respects to the great Kobe Bryant & his daughter Gianna, we here on Yatta Debates would like to discuss “Honoring L ... Moreegacy” coping with the loss of deceased ones, and being empathetic. We’ve all lost someone near and dear to us, but with those we believe to be iconic, we would like to do them their fair share of justice. Tune in today here on Yatta Debates. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 028 |Fall from Grace & Bobbit Syndrome|

    After watching “Fall from Grace” and “The Lorena Bobbit Documentary” Shelly and I sit down and discuss the effec ... Morets of abuse and manipulative relationships in romance and friendships. Why do people stay in these relationships or continue to associate with these kind of people? Can they ever escape? Find out on this episode on Yatta Debates. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 027 |Predictions for 2020|

    Sit down with Shelly and I while we make our predictions for this New Year, who’s going to be releasing what and when? ... More What potential news? Presidential Elections? Fashion? Surprises? What do you guys think will happen in this new year? Chip in the conversation and give us some of your predictions. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep.026 |New Year, New Me!|

    Happy New Year from Yatta Debates! And with this New Year, Shelly and I would like to discuss something that plagues us ... Moreoften. This “New Year, New Me” stigma that we put to achieve these new found goals we somehow stumble upon. Today we want to discuss how we can avoid this syndrome and really stick to the goals and habits that we say we want for ourselves. Tune in today on Yatta Debates. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 025 |Music Vibrations|

    Today on Yatta Debates we discuss music and vibrations, not “The Vibes” y’all be talking about. The actual effecti ... Moreve the bass, melody, and lyrics have on your being. It gets deeper than just a catch hook. Find out today all about the vibarations of music, with Shelly and me on Yatta Debates! Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 024 |What is Marriage Material|

    Today on Yatta Debates, we discuss the matters of what it means to be “Marriage Material”. Of course everything we s ... Moreay here is complete opinionated, especially regarding this topic. However it seems like in our generation we have ever increasing divorce rates as well as a decrease in marriage rates. So understanding this, we need to open the dialog on what “Marriage Material” is. Find out today on Yatta Debates Live. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep.023 |w/Midori the Mogul - Unbothered|

    Today on Yatta Debates we have a special guest, Midori the Mougl. First and foremost let me apologize for Yatta's absenc ... Moree he has been feeling ill as of late and wasn't able to partake in today's debate, but Shelly and Midori definitely held it down on episode 23 where we discuss, being "Unbothered". The epitome of no fucks given in the midst of the Omarion/Lil Fizz situation, and how we can learn from this fiasco. Tune in today and gain a new insight! You can follow us on all social media platforms as well as Midori to stay up-to-date on Yatta Debates. Less

  • Yatta Debates: Ep. 022 |Colorism|

    Does colorism still exist today? Find out how we feel on this matter HERE on Yatta Debates LIVE Episode 22. Thank you gu ... Moreys so much for your consistent support with our show. We love and appreciate you guys extremely. As always, stay tuned for our next episode. Less