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The Official un-official podcast of the City of Trenton! There's so many things about the capital ci... Read More


  • Ep 52: He Can't Roll His "Rrrr's".

    Frank and Christina sit with the owners of Finca Cafe this week.​#FINCA #FincaCafe #CoffeeInTrenton #TodayInTrenton #MyTrenton An Interview with the Owners of FINCAFile Size: 23474 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]

  • Ep 51: I Tried It Once, But I Didn't Inhale...

    Frank sits with Ed "NJ Weedman" Forchion this week.#ReeferMadness #SellWeedLikeImWhite #ReeferRaffle #TodayInTrenton #MyTrenton #WarOnDrugsPlay it now: or Download it and play it later: An Interview with Ed "NJ Weedman" ForchionFile Size: 31597 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]

  • Ep 50: The 50th Episode - Top 15 Countdown

    If you've never heard an episode of Trenton Waves, THIS should be the episode you listen to first!Guest Hosts Will Foskey and Erin Friar talk to Frank and Christina Sasso about the top 15 episodes voted on by listeners over the past 49 episodes.​Additional guests on this episode include Tony Goggles, Eric Maywar, Thom Reaves, Jim Gordon, Vont Leak, Bernard McMullan, and MORE!Dont' miss this episode!Enjoy!  The 50th E [...]

  • Ep 49: We Give Up, What's An 'Ollie'?

    This episode has a special tribute to the great Kobe Bryant. Our prayers go out to the Bryant family. ​It's thrilling to know that Trenton is becoming a place where FIRSTs and ONLYs reside. The FIRST Co-Working space in Trenton: Base Camp Trenton. The FIRST (and still ONLY) Podcast Hosting Company in New Jersey: New Pod City. Here's another one. The ONLY indoor skateboard Park in New Jersey: Fre [...]

  • Ep 48: The Butler Did It

    ​ Please Note: Frank's voice is a bit low until 8 minutes into the episode. We encountered some technical challenges in editing. Our apologies. A Jersey City native, Motivational Speaker Brad Butler II is on the show this week. A surprise visit from Vont Leak Studios and host of the Stay Woke Podcast, Vont Leak also happens, lol!Brad talks about his team, his home life, a possible football career, animal assessmen [...]

  • Ep 47: Tom Gilmour & the TDA

    The Sasso's refer to this picture on this episode. TDA Executive Director, Tom Gilmour is on the show this week to talk about all things DOWNTOWN—what's going on, what's to come and so much more! The Trenton Downtown Association (TDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the capital city a more competitive location for business owners and an engaging center for workers, residents, and visitors. TDA also hos [...]

  • Ep 46: A Real Life Manikin

    Frank hooks up with old friend and cigar brother, M.O.B.'s Kevin Wortham to discuss the effects Minding Our Business, Inc. (MOB) is having in the city as well as talk to a "REAL LIFE MANIKIN", Trenton fashion designer, Quayshawn Williams!​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to your computer or mobile device, then play file from there. An Interview wi [...]

  • Ep 45: 2020: A Year in Review

    ​The Sasso's review the year 2020 had on Trenton. That's correct. You didn't read that wrong. They REVIEW the year 2020 HAD on the city of Trenton.  So many things happened this past year and it's placed Trenton in the perfect position to really explode with amazing possibilities!  Hang on! You ain't seen nothing yet! We hope this episode challenges you. ​Enjoy!Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and cli [...]

  • Ep 44: The 2019 Christmas Episode

    Merry Christmas! Frank and Christina share a very special message with you this week and includes, but is not limited to, 2 singing dogs!Enjoy!​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to your computer or mobile device, then play file from there. The 2019 Christmas EpisodeFile Size: 10586 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]

  • Ep 43: Hatch is a Catch

    Yes. That's right. The Sassos have John Hatch on the show this week. The long time crush Christina has on Hatch is finally addressed publicly! We know you'll develop a crush on him as well after hearing this episode. John talks about the various projects his company HHG Development did and are currently doing as well as his history in Trenton, the boards he serves on and why Frank has no problem kicking him out of the park at nigh [...]

  • Ep 42: Mercer Council

    Website:​Facebook: PCoMCTwitter: PrevCoalMercer Frank and Christina sit with Ruth Del Pino of Mercer Council this week. After being showered with a ton of Mercer Council SWAG, Ruth shares the vision and purpose of Mercer Council, as well as her own journey in the capital city, which is committed to its mission of creating pathways to reduce substance-related challenges through education, sup [...]

  • Ep 41: Dramatic Prog

    Buy the album today at Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, with a side of Queen and a twist of Bowie. THAT'S Dramatic Prog and THAT'S what Frank and Michael Jerome are talking about this week on Trenton Waves! Michael Jerome is a poet and a great musician. Listen in as Frank and Michael take you on a journey of unpacking Michael's new album, Design & Sensation!Enjoy!​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPE [...]

  • Ep 40: The Hebrew Hammer

    Frank and Christina go on a remote recording today to visit the Hebrew Hammer himself, Trenton's blacksmith, Daniel Lapidow. A blacksmith? Really? In this technological world that we live in? That's right—and he's got more than enough work! Daniel shares his journey, gives some insight to Iron Man's forging and fabrication of the Iron Man suit, and takes Frank's Blacksmith quiz! Enjoy!​​Right click on " [...]

  • Ep 39: TCCA Awards with Bernard McMullan

    Bernard McMullan (Trenton's own "Bernie Mac") returns to the show to talk about the upcoming TCCA awards. There's also a visit toward the end of the show from another returning guest.The TCCA (Trenton Council of Civic Associations) recognizes people in various areas of civic engagement each year and presents them with well deserved acknowledgement at an annual presentation of awards.For 2019, the award ceremony will be on November [...]

  • Ep 38: Jane Austen was a FemBot

    This is the episode where Frank and Christina Sasso LOSE IT. Interviewing Base Camp Trenton's office manager, Erin Friar, they touch on topics such as Erin's "Marching Band" past, as well as other issues that go completely off the rails. If you're feeling a bit depressed for some reason, buckle up, because this episode will surely have you laughing in no time!Enjoy!​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW [...]

  • Ep 37: An Oversimplification

    Frank sits with Bill Nobes this week to discuss Analog Trenton. Recorded over six months at multiple locations, Analog Trenton's 40 tracks capture the live experience and raw energy of Trenton NJ's vibrant DIY music scene. Recorded directly to magnetic tape and mixed in 100% analog, this diverse collection of music is an authentic record of a living and growing music scene.Frank and Bill also talk about Bill's farming days, h [...]

  • Ep 36: It's Not a Rorschach Test

    Things shift into high gear on this week show as the Sasso's are joined by Trenton's newest coffeehouse One Up One Down Coffee and their its owners, Vince and Natalie! Yes, coffee is brewed and  consumed IN the studio during the show. Find out all about the newest third place, their vision, and test your knowledge in a 10 question coffee quiz! ​​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" [...]

  • Ep 35: The UnExplained PB & J

    The UnExplained PB & J? That's right—we're not explaining what that means but we WILL give you a hint, it has nothing to do with Peanut Butter and Jelly. Frank sits down with James Peeples ("It's not Peoples!")  this week to discuss, among other things, James' sudden fascination with kickboxing! Yes, James and Frank DO spar but it purposely wasn't recorded just in case James got a lucky jab to Frank's face.&nbs [...]

  • Ep 34: A Fiber Bombing in Mill Hill Park!

    Fiber Bombing? You'll never guess what Frank thought that was. This is the First Friday Wrap-Up show highlighting some of the best events this past First Friday as well as clue-ing you in to what's coming down the pike—including a walk through the cemetery! ​​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to your computer or mobile device, then pl [...]

  • Ep 33: LIVE from Trenton Fashion Week!

    The final day of Trenton Fashion Week was a a powerful one as the TFW team closed it out with $1,000 for 9 year old Jocelyn Joseph who has Alopecia Areata. Trenton Waves was there to not only talk with Jocelyn but to interview power houses such as:Brad Butler II, Gary Lowery, Brianna Thompson, Damon Williams, Amir Black,​Coreen Grooms and more! Frank also meets his favorite model.....​​Right c [...]

  • Ep 32: Ever Smoke an Oreo Cookie?

    Facebook: Nicole K NolanInstagram: Nicole K NolanTwitter: Nicole K NolanWebsite: During Trenton Fashion Week (which came to a smashing finale on Sunday, September 22)  Brand Image Consultant, Fashion Designer, Fashion Model, Talent Developer, and Events Expert Nicole Nolan took time to get over to the New Pod City studios to hang with the Sassos for this episode of Trenton Waves! She shar [...]

  • Ep 31: Looking Back, Looking Forward

    After a week in Colonial Williamsburg, Frank and Christina are back just in time for Trenton Fashion Week! If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, get them now at Once your're there, click on the text or logo to get your tickets. Frank and Christina also sum up some of the past events in Trenton as well as what's coming up!Enjoy!​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click [...]

  • Ep 30: Damn, I'm Old...

    Facebook: vontleak studiosInstagram: vontleakYouTube: vontleakPodCast: Trenton Waves' youngest guest yet—18 year-old content creator and future host of the Tonight show, Vont Leak! Vont shares his story with you this week and touches on some incredibly insightful stuff. Buckle up because most 18 year-olds aren't this prolific!Enjoy!​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB [...]

  • Ep 29: Trenton Fashion Week

    Crystal Feliciano is in this week to talk about her show, "The Crystal Feliciano Show" as well as the upcoming Trenton Fashion Week!​Enjoy!​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to your computer or mobile device, then play file from there. An Interview with Crystal FelicianoFile Size: 25217 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]

  • Ep 28: You Can't Sit With Us!

    Website: IreeSky.comFacebook: Author Trisha Williams is on the show this week with Christina. Trisha shares about her life in Trenton and on the books she's written as well as the services she provides in publishing. An empowering and inspiring interview!Enjoy!​Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN [...]