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New Breed

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Trenton, NJ, USA

There's a New Breed of Podcastah!

New Breed is a podcast about podcasting hosted by award-winning podcaster and New Pod City Mayor, Fr... Read More


  • EP 3: "Click" Editing

    I do know podcasters who get a lot of satisfaction out of editing. I'M one of them. If you’re producing something slic ... Morek, refined, highly edited, then it’s worth the result.

    But, standard, day to day, week to week, common garden editing, where you’re removing mistakes, coughs, and "ummmms" you just can’t bear to let slide. THAT’S a pain…

    Well, Well, there’s a way to cut this down in a huge way. It's called "Click" editing and it's super easy! Less

  • EP 2: Microphones & Digital Recorders

    Frank gives you 3 choices of microphones and 3 choices of digital recorders to consider purchasing for your podcast.

  • EP 1 - Why Podcasting?

    New Pod City Mayor, Frank Sasso, introduces the official New Pod City podcast, New Breed. In this episode, he explains t ... Morehe one major function podcasts perform that arch above any other reason and it's the single most important reason why you should seriously consider starting a podcast. Don't miss it! Less