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The Right of Passage

By: Brishen Miller


The Right of Passage is a monthly podcast hosted by Passage Theatre's Artistic and Managing Director... Read More


  • Blues in My Soul: The Legacy of Lonnie Johnson

    Ryanne and Brishen discuss the upcoming show at Passage: "Blues in My Soul: The Legacy of Lonnie Johnson" from October 1 ... More5 to 30, 2022. Written by David Robson

    It's 1959. Chris, a local DJ, gets word that legendary jazz and blues musician Lonnie Johnson is working a low-wage job at a Philly hotel, forgotten. Once found, Lonnie, an early guitar hero who influenced the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, T-Bone Walker, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, B.B. King, and Eric Clapton, is reluctant to return to an industry that exploited and segregated his work before casting him aside. As the two men meet, conflicts arise, forcing each to reconcile issues of authenticity, injustice, and legacy. Based on a true story, Blues in My Soul is a celebration of an unsung American legend and the music that inspired generations.

    Also discussed are the ongoing acting classes being held by Passage. Less

  • Clean Slate and Studio School

    Ryanne and Brishen discuss "Clean Slate" - A Staged Public Reading - happening on Friday, August 19th,2022 at 6:00 pm at ... More the Mill Hill Park Amphitheatre. ​

    Clean Slate is a new musical that tells the story of a group of disaffected high school students who are sent to a rehabilitation camp that may, or may not, also be haunted by the souls of former campers who have gone missing. When the new owners of the Clean Slate camp begin to institute rules and regulations that threaten the freedom of the students, they are forced to band together and enter a cursed forest in order to find their way out. Clean Slate is a story of radical empathy about the mistakes we make when we try to “heal” young people and the need to remember who we used to be in order to move forward.

    This event is free and open to the public. Bring a blanket, cushion, or chair for your comfort.

    Also, The Passage Theatre's Studio School has been announced! Classes for ages 16 and up will teach participants a variety of theatrical skills and techniques. Less

  • The Right of Passage Pilot Episode

    Meet Ryanne Domingues, Passage Theatre's Artistic Director, and Brishen Miller, Passage Theatre's Managing Director as t ... Morehey launch the new podcast "The Right of Passage" on the New Pod City podcast network! Less