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By: Myrtha Jasmin

Princeton, NJ, USA

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  • #SpeakLife - An Interview with Tiffany Lewis-English

    Like MJ, Tiffany Lewis-English doesn't let anything stand in her way. After being diagnosed with endometriosis (a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus) she didn't sit in a corner and cry. She started praying and researching. That led to her book, #SPEAKLIFE. (Available on and Amazon) #SPEAKLIFE is a journal for those who struggle with infertility that spans the course of 31 days. If you've been searching for a resource to reflect on the pain and triumph of infertility look no further. Tiffany has designed this personal and powerful journal to encourage you to share your story. The book provokes reflection, laughter, tears and humility as you pen your journey through infertility. It's also a personal map you can use to navigate the world through the lens of infertility.