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By: Myrtha Jasmin

Princeton, NJ, USA

DearSis, is an invitation for conversation.


  • Meet the new co-host and enjoy an Interview with Brianne Davis

    MJ and new co-host, TLW speak with best selling author Brianne Davis this week. In her unique roman à clef novel, Brianne shares her own intimate experience with the transformational power of recovery, providing strength and hope for anyone who wants to change their life forever. Imagine if Sex and the City's Samantha discovered she was an addict and her drug of choice was MEN. Go on a hilarious, inspiring, and at times, shocking journey as "Roxanne" conquers her fears, changes her ways, gets closer to healthy relationships and begins loving herself a little more each day. Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict has the vibrant, relatable vibe of chick lit, the soul-baring honesty of a memoir and the wisdom of a self-help book.