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By: Myrtha Jasmin

Princeton, NJ, USA

DearSis, is an invitation for conversation.


  • Ep 16: #SpeakLife - An Interview with Tiffany Lewis-English

    Like MJ, Tiffany Lewis-English doesn't let anything stand in her way. After being diagnosed with endometriosis (a disor ... Moreder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus) she didn't sit in a corner and cry. She started praying and researching. That led to her book, #SPEAKLIFE. (Available on and Amazon) #SPEAKLIFE is a journal for those who struggle with infertility that spans the course of 31 days. If you've been searching for a resource to reflect on the pain and triumph of infertility look no further. Tiffany has designed this personal and powerful journal to encourage you to share your story. The book provokes reflection, laughter, tears and humility as you pen your journey through infertility. It's also a personal map you can use to navigate the world through the lens of infertility. Less

  • Ep 15: Don't Fall for the Okey Doke!

    Con artists often claim an investment opportunity will be gone tomorrow. They create a false sense of urgency so you tu ... Morern over money “right now,” without researching the investment. They may trick you into believing that the investment “opportunity” is limited to a certain number of investors who can get in on it or has a deadline triggered by an event that will soon occur. MJ covers this and other investment issues this week on DearSis. Buckle up, she ain't playing! Less

  • Ep 14: Hustle and Sana

    MJ hangs with Sana Akibu, (aka Sana Kibz) Sana is a Nigerian radio host, TV personality, (from the show "Hustle and Soul ... More") fashion influencer, and commercial model living in New York City. Since moving to New York from Maryland in 2013, Sana has worked with many notable brands in the fashion and beauty industries; such as: Estee Lauder, TJ Maxx, Nike, Maybelline, Glamour, BET, WeTV, and many others. She is also a lifestyle blogger, Youtuber, and certified digital marketing strategist with a focus on social media growth for small businesses. She is on a mission to fully live out her dreams, while developing her new found faith in Christianity, and inspiring women everywhere to go after their heart's desires-- regardless of circumstances. Less

  • Ep 13: The Doctor Is In!

    This week, MJ sits with Dr. Cynthia Alease Smith, Ed.D. to talk about racism.

    Dr. Alease Smith defines ra ... Morecism as "the systematic subjugation within an established institution, through structurally designed denial and limited portions of opportunity, equity, equality, and justice, to control the formerly enslaved and their descendants, after enslavement ended and reconstruction failed."

    She is an anti-racism essayist and educator, a writer, novelist and editor, specializing in literary contemporary fiction, nonfiction stories inspired by real events, and occasional ghostwriting.

    Twitter: Less

  • Ep 12: An Interview with Brown Courier Services owner, Meka Brown

    This week, Your Big Sis, MJ sits with Meka Brown. Meka is one of those business owners that will always drops gems of wi ... Moresdom in your head that will rock you for days to come. She started Brown Courier Services in 2017 and has never looked back! Through the years, Meka has learned and recognized the need for an honest and reliable courier service that takes away the headache of deliveries. Brown Courier Service can manage the whole operation, whether it is an urgent document cross the city or (coming soon) a valued piece of furniture across the ocean. Brown has a specialized, modern fleet of vehicles, and an experienced, courteous staff that is able to advise you on all aspects of your delivery. Enjoy! Less

  • Ep 11: Z-Z-Z-Zodiac Signs

    Zodiac lovers and haters, this one's for YOU! Buckle up as Big Sis MJ breaks down and addresses all the Zodiac signs! If ... More you don't have a zodiac sign, then don't worry, she ain't talking to you. Less

  • Ep 10: An Interview with Lynia Love

    It is rare to meet a person who seems so certain about what they want out of life and so well equipped to achieve it. Bo ... Morern and raised in Trenton, New Jersey Lynia grew up in the church and loved to sing but acting has always been her first love and true passion. Lynia performed in numerous plays as a child and continued through school. Lynia is a rare individual who possesses the experience, personality, and passion to captivate the entertainment industry with her acting talent and stunning ability to tackle any character. MJ sits with Lynia this week to catch up, after all, they're old friends. Enjoy! Less

  • Ep 9: An Interview with KOIL Hair Care Systems Founder, Miss Conceited

    MJ has an epic conversation this week with KOIL founder, Shaunell Kennard—aka Miss Conceited! Shaunell built her compa ... Moreny on the belief that healthy hair is the goal no matter what. Whether you choose to perm, wear locs, texturize, or wear your hair natural the goal should ALWAYS be to have healthy hair. Everyone has a unique hair journey and at KOIL’s, they don’t think any particular method is better than the other. Shaunell has created an entire collection of hair care products that are suitable for ALL hair types. @ShopKOIL Less

  • Ep 8: An Interview with Chrisnatha

    MJ sits with Chrisnatha this week! Chrisnatha is committed to assisting women across the country in becoming an author. ... MoreIn her 6-month coaching program, she teaches about writing your story and the essentials of communicating your message in a clear, colorful way. Find out more about Chrisnatha on this week's episode! Less

  • Ep 7: I Hate Licorice

    Did you know that licorice is the common name of Glycyrrhiza Glabra, a flowering plant of the bean family Fabaceae, from ... More the root of which a sweet, aromatic flavoring can be extracted? Did you also know that MJ HATES LICORICE? MJ shares some exciting news this week as well some well needed ranting. #DearSis #IhateLicorice #COVIDupdate Less

  • Ep 6: An Interview with The Painted Company's Founder, Natalie Lina Weaver

    Like the DearSis podcast, Natalie started The Painted Company to empower women and create a community. It has grown into ... More more than she ever could imagine and is so grateful! Join MJ this week as she delves into Natalie's past, present, and future. The Painted Company can be found at Less

  • Ep 5: Heating things up with Christina Sasso

    MJ sits with fellow sis, Christina "FireStarter" Sasso. They cover topics from Brooklyn to "fearing" God!

  • Ep 4: The Honey Pot Company

    Bea Dixon is the owner of The Honey Pot Company. - - She has been successful in creating natural femi ... Morenine wellness products being sold and used worldwide and is revolutionary in what she does as well as how she approaches life. Listen in today as she gets real with MJ! Less

  • Ep 3: Should Men Wear Wigs?

    This week, MJ sits with New Pod City owner, Frank Sasso. They discuss everything from "Should men wear wigs?" to busines ... Mores ownership. It's quite a ride. Less

  • Ep 2: No Goals

    Goals provide focus. With no guiding vision or plan, people tend to drift. Goals provide a measuring stick for progress. ... More Goals enhance productivity. They bolster self-esteem. And most of all, goals increase commitment, so you're more likely to achieve whatever you set out to conquer. Listen to MJ this week as she unpacks this topic the way only MJ can do! Less

  • EXTRAsode: Live Jazz vs. Kung Flu!

    In this EXTRAsode of DearSis, 3 New Pod City Network podcast hosts, James Peeples of The IF Podcast, Jason Bevill of Ver ... Morebal Smash, Frank and Christina of Trenton Waves, and MJ sit with Front Seat Productions owner/operator, Robert Bullington, to discuss a new Corona-proof Live Jazz live-stream platform!

    Tune in, 3PM EDT on Saturday, March 21st or later for on-demand here to watch the Suzanne Cloud Quartet, LIVE from the Candlelight lounge in Trenton, NJ.

    $5.00, paid online, gets you unlimited access to the livestream and on-demand playback for 30 days!

    Go to and click on the button under the image that says: "Get your $5.00 ticket here" Less

  • Ep 1: No Support System

    When you’re in the throws of being soooo excited about your shiny new venture, like a podcast, and the new life you’ ... Morere creating for yourself it’s easy to assume that your friends and loved ones will be super happy for you and super supportive.

    But what if they’re not?

    Sometimes the reality can be very different.

    In fact, a lot of the time it’s different! It’s a really common issue for people and it can really start to hold you back. It can make you feel ‘wrong’ in some way and question what you’re doing.

    This week, MJ unpacks this issue and encourages you on how to move on from it. Less

  • Pilot Episode: Meet MJ | Generational Curses

    In this pilot episode, you'll meet your host, MJ. She wastes no time in taking the bull by the horns and grinds the iss ... Moreue of generational curses to the ground. Less